17 Apr 2010

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is an upscale resort on the southern tip of Uruguay, southeast of Maldonado and about 140 km east of Montevideo. Although the town has a year-round population of about 7,300, the summer tourist boom often boosts the population by an extra 500,000.

This icon of Punta del Este is an artwork by the Uruguayan painter and sculptor Carlos Páez Vilaró. It sits atop Punta Ballena, as one of the main attractions of the peninsula. The artist began work on the project in 1958, and took 36 years to be completed. It is universally considered as a "living Sculpture". Inside this masterpiece there are many rooms facing the sea. During the summer season there are sunset classic music concerts. It is possible to view the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and the sunset over the Silver River in Punta Ballena.

This is my first card got from Uruguay! Very good!

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