30 Dec 2008

29 Dec 2008

Cologne, Germany

Sent by Ye Zi(叶子)from Cologne, where she studies now. A very beautiful city view. Many thanks!

28 Dec 2008

Basel, Switzerland

After 3 years I received a second postcard from Switzerland. Basel: Cool!

27 Dec 2008

Lipperland, Germany

Thanks to Kvelli from Germany again. It is a third card sent from her!

24 Dec 2008


I guess that the sender bought this card in France and then sent it in Finland~~ Thanks

22 Dec 2008

Helsinki, Finland

I really like the woods of Finland! So great!

20 Dec 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

My friend Manuel sent this card from the capital city of Bulgaria, when he made a travel there~~

18 Dec 2008

Shirayama, Japan

My second postcard from Japan~~

14 Dec 2008

Lahemaa, Estonia

Peaceful lake. I'd like to live by it and no one would disturb me.

13 Dec 2008

Bahia, Brazil

My first postcard from Brazil.

12 Dec 2008

Oberschwaben, Germany

I'm back. I'm sorry that I was so busy that I hardly had time to surf.

3 Dec 2008

Rapla, Estonia

Kaili put this card in an envolope and then sent it to me, so there is no stamps on the card.