28 Mar 2009

25 Mar 2009

Pandas, Chinese Taiwan

Many thanks to ya, who sent again a great card to me!

20 Mar 2009

Year of the Ox, Chinese Taiwan

Another beautiful card of the zodiac. Please pay attention to the "Ox" at the botton of the card. It was drew by the sender-- ya~~

18 Mar 2009

Pisa, Italy

The famous leaning tower in Pisa!

17 Mar 2009

Sevastopol, Ukraine

My first car from Ukraine! The stamps look also very nice!

15 Mar 2009

Ice, Finland

A very best card from Finland!

11 Mar 2009

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

My first card from Cambodia! And Zarah affixed a China-related stamp!

9 Mar 2009

Budapest, Hungary

My first card from Hungary! Great! I'm just keeping moving!

5 Mar 2009

Auckland, New Zealand

My first card from New Zealand, which is very special and beautiful!

2 Mar 2009

San Antonio, USA

Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio, but it looks not so Japanese~~