30 Nov 2008

Nanjing, China

My friend Xu Jun sent this card from Nanjing, where he studies.
I paid a visit there last month and took a photo of Xuanwu Lake, which is just shown on the card.

29 Nov 2008

Tokyo, Japan

My first postcard from Japan.It's so lovely that I enjoy it quite a lot!

27 Nov 2008

Schwaben, Germany

Many thanks to these who support me on this site! Really thank you!

26 Nov 2008

Ranua, Finland

A peaceful place. I'm glad to receive a postcard from Finland again!

25 Nov 2008

Leipzig, Germany

Many thanks to Yang Zhen(杨珍)!She is my friend and now studies in Leipzig, Germany. But we have not met each other yet. Wish her good luck there!

23 Nov 2008

Liege, Belgium

Many thanks to CC, a Chinese student studying in Belgium. I knew her totally by accident. She was so kind that she sent a postcard to me from Europe.

22 Nov 2008

Helgoland, Germany

Helgoland, an island which is in the North Sea near to Denmark. Thanks to Kvelli!

20 Nov 2008

Viersen, Germany

Also a beautiful card. At first I could not read the ID, but finally I made it.

19 Nov 2008

Lichte, Germany

A third one from Rosi. This card shows the place where she lives now.

18 Nov 2008

17 Nov 2008

Stuttgart, Germany

Very beautiful cityviews! And I hope Susanne will do a good job in the compitition!

12 Nov 2008

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

A new country:Brunei Darussalam!And Siang can also write very good Chinese! I know quite limited about this country, and on this card I find it very beautiful. Hope to visit it one day!

10 Nov 2008

Pig, USA

Haha! When I saw the card for the first time, I felt really funny! Such a cute big!

8 Nov 2008

Venice, Italy

Look at this beautiful card! I think Venice is one of my dreamlands .

6 Nov 2008

Texas, USA

This postcrosser must have received hills of cards and he prints what he wants to say on the cards. Not too bad.

5 Nov 2008


A second card from Rosi. Many thanks!

2 Nov 2008

Shanghai World Finance Center and Jinmao Tower (2)

Waiting on the 97th floor.The lift will take us to the top floor.

On the 100th floor I could see the top of Jinmao Tower.

The floor was transparent.

The observatory of the 100th floor.

The big hall of the 94th floor.

1 Nov 2008

Shanghai World Finance Center and Jinmao Tower

Today I went to the Pudong New District and paid a visit to these two tall buidings.The left one is Shanghai World Finance Center (492m) and the right one is Jinmao Tower (421m).