30 Jan 2009

San Marino

This card shows one of the smallst countries in the world: San Marino, but was sent in Italy.

29 Jan 2009

Christmas, Finland

Thanks to Ismo for his second card! On Postcrossing he sent me an offcial card and then he hoped to receive one from me. So I sent one back, and now I got this large Christmas card!

27 Jan 2009

Aurora, Finland

A very beautiful card with a picture of aurora. It's a thanks-card.

26 Jan 2009

Map, Finland

Today is the first day of the Chinese new year of the ox and I wish you all a happ new year!

24 Jan 2009

Mamutik Island, Malaysia

Look at this beautiful card! Many thanks to Caroline!

21 Jan 2009

San Diego, USA

A beautiful American city, isn't it?
Thanks to Greg!

20 Jan 2009

Great Wall, China

A third card sent by my sister, who studies French in the university now. Thanks to her for all of these beautiful postcards!

16 Jan 2009

Summer Palace, China

My sister sent this card to me last month. It shows the Summer Palace, which is located in Beijing, as a private rayol garden in the Qing Dynesty.

15 Jan 2009

Santos-SP, Brazil

Many thanks to Samantha. I wonder if she has got my card.

13 Jan 2009

Changshu, China

This is my beautiful hometown. Welcome to Changshu!

12 Jan 2009

Winter, Finland

A winter card from Finland. The stamp is just for the blind.

10 Jan 2009

Cordoba, Spain

Beautiful Cordoba! Many thanks to Inma!

9 Jan 2009

Tabriz, Iran

My second postcard from Iran. Great!

7 Jan 2009

Snow, Finland

Glad to get a card from wintry Finland, but please do not try to translate my English address into Chinese. My God! If you know Chinese, you must have known what has happened! The picture is OK~~

6 Jan 2009

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My first card from Holland. There are so many members on Postcrossing but I got this card via private swap. My God!

5 Jan 2009

Bitburg, Germany

Great card, but bad postmark!!!

3 Jan 2009

Granada, Spain

Great, great, great! Delighted to get another postcard from Spain!

1 Jan 2009

Hannover, Germany

A beautiful self-made card, isn't it? Verena took this photo in Thailand.