31 Oct 2008

Weimar, Germany

The first card from Rosi! This card shows Weimar, a very famous city in German history.

29 Oct 2008

Katze(Cat), Germany

From Cologne, Germany. Autumn has begun and I also enjoy the fallen leaves......

26 Oct 2008

Flowers, Finland

This card is also a little bit unique because it is a Maxi-card! I wonder if the sender is a stamp collector. Usually only collectors are interested in Maxi-cards. You may find that there is already a stamp with a special postmark on the front side.

25 Oct 2008

Lübeck, Germany

Many thanks to Igor.This is Holstentor and it is also a kutural heritage under UNESCO. The card is a lillte old but it doesn't matter. I always like something unique.

21 Oct 2008

Sorry / Entschuldigung

This morning I checked my mailbox and found that there were two emails from postcrossers: One is Muffins from Germany and the other is inpuenktchen from Iran. They seemed a little angry, because I uploaded the both sides of of the postcards in this blog which I received from them. I have to say that it was my fault and I have deleted the related pictures. But I haven't deleted all because I really like the back side with stamps,postmarks and what you wrote to me. Everything on the back side is perfect to be together and that's why I prefer stamped and addressed cards.
If any of other senders are still unsatisfied with my behavior, please email me and I'll delete the pictures of the back sides of your cards as soon as possible.
Quite sorry!

Nachdem ich heute Morgen meine Mailbox geöffnet hatte, habe ich gefunden, dass es zwei E-mails von Muffins aus Deutschland und inpuenktchen aus dem Iran gab. Ich hatte das Gefühl,dass sie ein bisschen ärgerlich über mich wären, weil ich die beiden Seiten der Postkarten, die sie mir abgeschickt hatte, in dieses Blog uploadet habe. Sie glauben, dass die Informationen auf der Rückseite private sind. Das war mein Fehler und ich habe die Bilder gelöscht.Aber die Bilder von den anderen Rückseiten sind noch da,weil die Briefmarken, Postmarken und Schriftzeichen mir wirklich gefallen.
Wenn die anderen Absender damit noch nicht zufrieden sind, bitte senden Sie mir E-Mails und ich werde die Bilder der Rückseiten von inhen am schnellsten wie möglich löschen.
Entschuldigen Sie, bitte!

18 Oct 2008

Shanghai, China

I bought this card 2 years ago and I liked so much.It shows Pudong, the most developed part of Shanghai. But now it has changed, because a new skyscraper stands by Jinmao Tower.It is Shanghai World Financial Center,492.5m tall.
Next month I'll go to the 110th floor of the skyscraper and will take a lot photos for you!

13 Oct 2008

Belgrade, Serbia

Zdravo!My first card from Serbia,also a young country. The beautiful card with a rainbow:I really like it! No stamps on the card, but Olga made it lovely!

7 Oct 2008

Tagged and more

I've been tagged by Lay Hoon
The 6 random things about me :-

1) I'm 22,university student,studying German(Germanistik) in Shanghai.

2) My hometown is Changshu, which is only 60km away from Shanghai, but it is a satellite city of Suzhou, a place famous for her private gardens.

3) I'm also a stamp junkie.I began to collect stamps when I was 12. Now I have about 3,000 different stamps from 60 countries,all mint and in complete sets.

4) Taking photos and travelling are also my hobbies. Now I'm making money by doing some jobs after class, because I hope to buy a better digital camera.I need RMB3,500(about USD515).

5) My spoken english teacher Mr.Raymond from Australia sent me postcards from foreign countries for the first time. From Germany,Austria and Switzerland, when he traveled there in 2005. But I didn't decide to collect cards until this summer.

6) Very important is that I'm a boy.

And more:
Many visitors here would like to send me posctards from their hometowns or the places where they live now. I really appreciate their help!

Hi, my dear friends, you may just find my postal address on my received cards, which are shown in this blog. Or you may feel free to send emails to wangjiayimike@sina.com . If you want to receive a postcard sent from China, I'll also help you. I can send my cards from my hometown Changshu or Shanghai.

I'll go back home once a month, so sometimes I'm not sure if your cards arrive. Please do not send cards to my school, because the mailbox here is open. I think it not safe.

Many thanks to everyone who supports me!

4 Oct 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi,Lay Hoon: This is a great card because you wrote Chinese on it! Really great Chinese! Thanks again and I'll send mine as soon as possible.

1 Oct 2008

Skopje, Macedonia

Many thanks to you,dear Ana! You know, I'm always delighted to get postcards from YOUNG countries. I think Macedonia should be one of them. The capital city seems not too large, but quite peaceful. Can you see the big Cross on the mountain? I have great curiosity about it.