26 Feb 2009

Xinjiang, China

A very beautiful card from Xinjiang, China. Maybe I should make a travle plan and visit there soon, but it is too far. It takes 49 hours to reach the capital city Urumqi. My God!

25 Feb 2009

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another card from Holland! It's great and is sent by a Chinese Dutch. But I don't know why she affixed three stamps on the card.

23 Feb 2009

Aurora, Finland

I like the stamp a lot, because I mainly collect Butterflies on stamps.

18 Feb 2009

Brugge, Belgium

Many thanks to Manuel! This the first card that he sent from his hometown.

16 Feb 2009

Nordenham, Germany

Many thanks to Vauka! A very good postcard from Germany.

15 Feb 2009

Year of the Ox, Chinese Taiwan

A New-year card sent by Wen. The back side of the card is so lovely that I really enjoy it!

11 Feb 2009

9 Feb 2009

Winchester, UK

My first card from UK! Many thanks to Ye Zi(叶子).But this Ye Zi does not study in Germany, but in England. That is to say, I know two girls called Ye Zi.

7 Feb 2009

Dance, Russia

My frist card from Russia! Many thanks to Karmanovsky.

6 Feb 2009

Landsberg, Germany

A very old card sent from Germany~~

3 Feb 2009

Hilversum, Netherlands

What a great self-made card! Many thanks for the pictures and letters!

1 Feb 2009

Mautern, Austria

My third card from Austria, and the last one I got arrived in 2005.