31 Aug 2008

Washington,D.C. USA

Tony, from the capital of USA, sent this card of White House. It makes me feel peaceful. The House looks like a garden, but not the place where the President works.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Greta from Lithuania sent me this postcard with a lovely water-sized stamp. Very cute! Thanks a lot!

29 Aug 2008

Hobart, Australia

This card is quite long,quite unique and lovely. Thanks, Ashley. Tasmania is very beautiful!


This cool card arrived this afternoon. In Septenber Formula 1 will be hold in Singapore for the first time. Really exciting! Night racing!

23 Aug 2008

Can Tho, Vietnam

How nice it is! Thank Tran Qui Ninh for his third card! Also great stamps!

22 Aug 2008


Chiplunkar, an Indian, sent this unique card from USA,because she wrote that now she was on a visit there. But the card shows a place of interest in India.


From Bast , Corona,CA, USA. Beautiful desert, no sand!


This is the first card I received through Postcrossing. Thanks, Maija.

21 Aug 2008


F.Vidal sent this beautiful card from Barcelona. Ausgezeichnet!


Tipi Lee sent it to me for a second time. It's very Chinese , very traditional.


My stamp exchange partner Tipi Lee sent it from his hometown.


My Belgian friend Manuel sent this card from Spain, when he spent his holiday there. I guess so.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Tran Qui Ninh sent from TP Ho Chi Minh, a city named by their former chairman.


My friend Wu Xiaomin now studies in Sydney. She was kind enough to send it to me.


Ray sent it from Zurich. The last one he had ever sent to me.


Again, it was Ray, my spoken teacher. He sent this card from Munich, the famous beer city of the world.


Ray sent this postcard from Stuttgart.