29 Sep 2008

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Montenegro, a very young counry, and maybe many people have not heard the name yet. But now I'm sitting on the first line!
Ulcinj is located on the south of Montenegro. Although it is a small town, it has the longest beach--13km long!
Thanks to Mika!

Sydney, Australia

This the second one received from Wu Xiaomin, my former classmate who now studies in Sydney. This card shows Queen Victoria Building(QVB), which is a fine example of Victorian architecture.

28 Sep 2008

Tabniz, Iran

My 10th postcard from Postcrossing.But it comes from Iran. Ipuenktchen is a German, married in Iran and she can speak German,English, French and Persian.
This card shows Arg-E-Alishah, which was built in the 8th century.This building was in its time the biggest in the world of Islam.

21 Sep 2008

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, the largest city of China, is always attractive. Now I study in this city and keep going.
Postcards always show the most beautiful seneries, and I can offer them at your request.
Welcome to Shanghai and welcome to China!

10 Sep 2008

Netanya, Isreal

I sent a postcard to Deborah as soon as I was hooked on Postcrossing. And after 2 weeks he got my card and liked it a lot. Then he sent this card from his motherland in return.A beautiful city, isn't it?

9 Sep 2008


The new term will begin on next Tuesday and I'm leaving for Shanghai this weekend.During the summer holiday I received about 20 postcards. Many thanks to everyone!
When I am out for studies, please still send postcards to my home address. I'll be back once a month because my hometown is quite near to Shanghai.
Hope to hear from you soon!

My email:

My address:
Wang Jia Yi
Chang Fu Bie Shu Qu 94#
Chang shu, Jiangsu 215500

You may send emails in advance if you wish to swap with me.

Das neue Semester wird am nächsten Dienstag beginnen und ich werde am Wochenende nach Shanghai fahren. Während der Sommerferien bekam ich ungefähr 20 Ansichtskarten. Vielen Dank!
Wenn ich für das Studium arbeite,bitte schicken Sie Ihre Karten an die Adresse meines Hauses. Ich werde jeden Monat zurückfahren, weil meine Heimatstadt in der Nähe von Shanghai liegt.
Ich hoffe, bald die schönen Karten von Ihnen zu bekommen.

Meine E-mail:

Meine Adresse:
Wang Jia Yi
Chang Fu Bie Shu Qu 94#
Chang Shu, Jiangsu 215500

Sie sollen E-mails im Voraus an mich senden, wenn Sie mit mir tauschen wollen.

6 Sep 2008

Merseburg, Germany

This is my forth card from Germany,but it still makes me feel delighted, because Antonia wrote in German. I can understand what she mentioned. I hope she may visit China soon. China is famous for her many things, not only for gastronomy : )

Pula, Croatia

Two weeks ago I sent an email to Lucil and asked him if he could send me a postcard from Croatia. He was so kind and sent one to me at once. Today I receive this card and enjoy it quite a lot! I will vist Pula,this old city and Amfiteatar Arena,which is shown on the back of this card.

4 Sep 2008

Ptuj, Slovenia

Look! Very traditional culture in Ptuj,Slovenia. It's called Kurent.
So cool! Thanks to Kolar!

3 Sep 2008

Bratislava, Slovakia

My friend Stanislav Levarsky from Slovakia, a very kind old man, sent this card from his hometown. Lovely card,lovely country.

1 Sep 2008

Kelkheim, Germany

A German sent this card to me, which shows his hometown. It's a beautiful place and worth visiting!