25 Nov 2009

Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou is just located by the Yangtze River and I went there for a visit in March, 2008. It was really beautiful! The card here shows the Shou Xi Hu(in Chinese "瘦西湖").

24 Nov 2009

Changhua, Taiwan

Many thanks to Wen for this lovely card sent from her hometown.

FDC from Belgium

This is a non-official FDC sent on April.7.2009 from Brugge, Belgium, on which a sheet of newly-issued World Heritage stamps were sticked.
Many thanks to Mr. M. Vandenbrande!

23 Nov 2009

Kiel's coastline

Perfect! A card with coastline and two lighthouse stamps!

22 Nov 2009


There is nothing special on the back, but the front side looks interesting.
Just smile it!

Cover from Taiwan

Ann sent cover with some nice Taiwanese stamps together. The sheet affixed shows the film "Finding Nemo". It's lovely.

21 Nov 2009

Mayon Volcano

Solingen, Germany

Einfach gefällt mir die Brücke sehr. Wäre ich dort, würde ich sie bestimmt mal besuchen.

20 Nov 2009

Kiev, Ukraine

Recently I have heard that a horrible flu "governs" the capital city of Ukraine and many people were dead. I just give my best wishes and hope everything goes well soon.

Children games

18 Nov 2009

Cover from Pakistan

Mr. A.Naeem sent this cover with stamps from his hometown Lahore. I quite enjoyed this cover, because he affixed the whole set of the stamps on it!

17 Nov 2009

Minnesota, USA

Owl, Philippines

As a stamp collector I'm always interested in Owls on stamps and cards.

16 Nov 2009

Traditional House: First Day Card

I received a couple of postal FDC's, but it was the first First Day Card fom me.


15 Nov 2009

Cover from Isreal

A stamp swapper sent this cover with some mint stamps to me. The register label looks unique.

Moscow, Russia

I have ever received a card, which showed the Grand Theater in the capital city. I just enjoyed the beautiful stamps.

14 Nov 2009

Ellwangen. Germany

I have received many cards nearly from all the parts of Germany.

12 Nov 2009

A card with an interesting stamp

Just look at the stamp at the back side! It would "move"! Stamps from Finland are always surprising me.

11 Nov 2009

FDC from USA: American Scientists

Many thanks to Mr. Huang Zhenbang again for this FDC. But it was a pity that it was a little damaged because of the rain.

Banaue rice terraces

These terraces are also tagged as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.