9 Aug 2010

Two FDC's from India: Postal Heritage Buildings

Delhi GPO was opened in 1855. The post office was given permanent status in 1865 and it started functioning in the present building in 1885.

Shimla GPO was established in 1883 on the site of a house known and as "Conny Lodge", now is one of the oldest post office buildings in the country.

Udagamandalam HPO was the first post offics at Udagamandalam opened in 1826 with an establishment of a writer and two delivery peons. There are no records as to where the office originally was.

Cooch Behar HPO was initially functioning in the building situated in the Purana Post Office Para. Today it covers 8893 sq. ft.

Nagpur GPO, considered the mother institution in the Postal Circle of the Central Province, is housed in a majestic Victorian building, once the seat of erstwhile Postmaster General of CP & Berar.

Lucknow GPO is an example of relatively more contemporary engineering and architecture. Constructed with red bricks and lime stone, iron was not used in its construction.

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