9 Nov 2010

FDC from Korea: IUFRO World Congress

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations, abbreviated IUFRO, is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists. The IUFRO unites more than 15,000 scientists in almost 700 Member Organizations in over 110 countries. Scientists cooperate in IUFRO on a voluntary basis. It promotes global cooperation in forest-related research and enhances the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees. It disseminates scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and contributes to forest policy and on-the-ground forest management. IUFRO’s vision is of science-based sustainable management of the world’s forest resources for economic, environmental and social benefits.

The IUFRO has defined three major strategic goals for the period from 2006 to 2010:

1) to strengthen research for the benefit of forests and people; 2) to expand strategic partnerships and cooperation; and 3) to strengthen communication and links within the scientific community and with students as well as with policy makers and society at large.

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