18 Jun 2010

FDC from India: Kanwar Ram Sahib

Kanwar Ram Sahib was born in April 1885 in a small village Jarwar of Sukkur District in Sindh(now in Pakistan) to devout and pious parents. His name Kanwar Ram, in Sindhi denotes "LOTUS". Kanwar Ram Sahib went on to become a luminary of Sindhi people. He advocated peace, nonviolence and communal harmony. He was endowed with a divine voice which he effectively adopted for "Bhagat", a folk-art form of storytelling, with a fusion of song, dance and drama. He radicalized devotional singing and gave a new thrust to Sindhi Soofi lyrical fork music. He divine message of love, unity and peace touched the souls of countless people irrespective of caste, color, creed and religions.

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