7 Oct 2008

Tagged and more

I've been tagged by Lay Hoon
The 6 random things about me :-

1) I'm 22,university student,studying German(Germanistik) in Shanghai.

2) My hometown is Changshu, which is only 60km away from Shanghai, but it is a satellite city of Suzhou, a place famous for her private gardens.

3) I'm also a stamp junkie.I began to collect stamps when I was 12. Now I have about 3,000 different stamps from 60 countries,all mint and in complete sets.

4) Taking photos and travelling are also my hobbies. Now I'm making money by doing some jobs after class, because I hope to buy a better digital camera.I need RMB3,500(about USD515).

5) My spoken english teacher Mr.Raymond from Australia sent me postcards from foreign countries for the first time. From Germany,Austria and Switzerland, when he traveled there in 2005. But I didn't decide to collect cards until this summer.

6) Very important is that I'm a boy.

And more:
Many visitors here would like to send me posctards from their hometowns or the places where they live now. I really appreciate their help!

Hi, my dear friends, you may just find my postal address on my received cards, which are shown in this blog. Or you may feel free to send emails to wangjiayimike@sina.com . If you want to receive a postcard sent from China, I'll also help you. I can send my cards from my hometown Changshu or Shanghai.

I'll go back home once a month, so sometimes I'm not sure if your cards arrive. Please do not send cards to my school, because the mailbox here is open. I think it not safe.

Many thanks to everyone who supports me!


Kvelli said...

I am KVELLI from Germany and have read in the Blog from NINIFEE that you like postcards with stamps all over the world. I´ll send one of this today to you and hope she will arrive to your home in china.
My blog is:

I wish you all the best and have a nice day

LaY hOoN said...

Hi, glad to read something about you.

I've receive your postcard yesterday. Thank you so much . Will post it to my blog few days later.

der Gauzibauz said...

Hallo Wang,

ich habe dir zwei Postkarten aus Süddeutschland geschickt. Bin sehr neugierig wie lange es dauert bis sie bei dir ankommen.

Liebe Grüsse//Erika

sinophila said...

Germanistik英语中可以用German studies,也可以用Germanistics.